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Why Elko is a great place to WORK and LIVE! Main Photo

Why Elko is a great place to WORK and LIVE!

Posted: August 10, 2018 by Taryn Celia Opie

Where is Elko, NV? Nestled in the top corner of the state of Nevada you will find a small mining community where neighbors know you by name, the pace is slow and the charms are many. I get asked that question a lot when visiting other places and my answer is always subtle. Urbanization might be the trend for much of the population, but not everyone craves the bright lights and crowded spaces of the big cities. For those of us who appreciate more wiggle room, fewer degrees of separation and shorter commutes, small city Elko life can be tough to beat. Downtown Elko holds a small place in my heart with plenty of pleasures including; strolling the downtown streets grabbing a coffee at Cowboy Joes, or maybe stop for some brunch at Macadoo’s or the patio at Dreez, either bet you can’t go wrong. Looking for a gift, drop in Indigo and experience a unique gift shop.  Or maybe swing over to Machi’s for a light lunch and enjoy the old town atmosphere. Enjoy the Elko night life with a visit to the patio at the Duncun little creek Gallery wine bar and then step over for a steak at the famous Star hotel or Luciono’s. These are just a few of my favorite little quaint restaurants Elko has to offer. This town can be pretty lively year round with tons of community involvement and you can’t forget all the Basque culture surrounding this little town. When you live and work in Elko you start to feel a sense of comfort and community.  Take a drive Just 20 miles east of Elko to the small town of Lamoille Nevada where you can experience friendly locals, fresh air and some of the most breathtaking views of the Ruby Mountains. The Elko area is home to many hunters, fisherman, and anything outdoors. Not only does this little town offer lots of things to do but Elko is a prime location for building careers and providing substantial income through mining. Our little town has an annual average income of $80,000 per person! WOW! That is one of the highest averages across the country. How could we be so lucky to have a stable economy, healthy housing market and potential to make a good living? I think that sometimes us locals can take this little town for granted but all in all Elko is a great place to live, work and raise a family. Elko may be tiny, but we are mighty!

Kaci Lynch, Realtor

Coldwell Banker Algerio/Q-Team Realty

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