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What's With the Water?!?!

Posted: February 15, 2018 by Taryn Celia Opie

    One of the most asked questions I get from people considering moving to Spring Creek is “What is going on with the water? I have heard it costs a lot.”  I explain that the water co is separate from the association and we have meters.  The bills in the winter are about $45 for most families and in the summer, it depends on how much you water your landscape.  A large family will probably use more water all the time because of the number of showers and laundry.   I highly recommend finding a way to monitor the outdoor use.  Sprinkler systems are a great way to conserve water.  They have an upfront cost but are well worth it.  A sprinkler system allows you to schedule your day and time for watering. There are also many different timers you can buy if you don’t have an automated system.

      I have my sprinkler set up for Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 10 min cycles on each station.  I have a large front, side, and back yard.  I have drippers on my trees which water 1 hour on those days.  The drippers can come on any time of day because the wind won’t blow the water away.  My water bill starts to creep up in May and runs right around $200 a month until Sept.  Transition months of May and Oct run about $100-150.  So, 5 months at $45= $225, 2 months at approx. $145=290, and 4 months at 200=$800.  Total water about $1315.00.  After I figure all this out I think it is time to reduce the amount of   grass I have to water!   Fertilizing is super important also.  The soil doesn’t give your lawn and plants everything and it sure helps keep the grass green.

 Our water rates will not go down if we cut back but the bills will.  I have read that the utility co may increase rates if usage goes down.  I guess that would mean we would pay more in the winter months and less in the summer if there is less grass.  It might be easier to budget. 

Currently water rates for homes in Elko that are  not on meters are $83 a month which is $996 a year.  Th Elko City web page shows what the metered rates are.

I love living in Spring Creek with the bigger lots and country feeling.  I pay more for some things and less for others.  We pay County taxes which are a little less than city taxes.  I like the life style and being close to the mountains.  Not everyone likes living in the country but for those of us that do, I think we can learn to conserve water to make living here more affordable.

Spring Creek Association has formed a Water Committee to advocate for its members and is a great resource for more information.  You can go to for information on all the association activities and issues.  Great place to start your research if you are considering a move to our area.


Have a wonderful day!

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